Anzen Safety Scalpel Ordering

Anzen™ Safety Scalpel Ordering

The Anzen™ Safety Scalpel is FDA-listed and CE-Marked. Please refer to the chart below for product codes, configurations and quantities. For more information, pricing or to place an order for Anzen™, please contact us.


Blade Cartridges

Product Code Product Description
AZ10 Anzen Safety Scalpel Cartridge, Blade #10 Blue, 50/box, 18 boxes/case
AZ11 Anzen Safety Scalpel Cartridge, Blade #11 Green, 50/box, 18 boxes/case
AZ15 Anzen Safety Scalpel Cartridge, Blade #15 Yellow, 50/box, 18 boxes/case

Reusable Handles

Product Code Product Description
AZH3 Anzen Safety Scalpel Handle, #3 , 5/box, 80 boxes/case

Anzen™ Sample and Pricing Request

Thank You for Your Interest in Anzen™ Safety Scalpels!

Please be advised that samples are only for healthcare providers and distributors/GPOs. MediPurpose verifies all requests before processing.

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