Anzen™ Safety Scalpel Obtains Thai Medical Device Patent

March 5, 2018

Duluth, GA. — MediPurpose, the designer and manufacturer of the Anzen™ Safety Scalpel, has announced that it has been granted patent protection on its Anzen™ safety scalpel design by the Thai Patent Office. The company’s safety scalpel design has similar protection in the United States, Singapore, Malaysia and various other countries.

“The Thai patent, in addition to our Malaysian and Singaporean patents, complements our expansion into Asia,” said MediPurpose CEO and founder Patrick Yi. “As the breadth of this medical product distribution network increases in size, it is imperative that we protect our intellectual property to safeguard our interests and that of our distribution partners.”

Anzen™ is currently looking for end-user facilities in the United States and other countries to be beta test sites to further our Anzen™ safety scalpel evaluation in the OR.


About MediPurpose

MediPurpose, founded in 1999, develops, manufactures, and distributes superior sharps safety devices including the Anzen safety scalpel, SurgiLance safety lancets and MediPlus wound care products. MediPurpose has leveraged its success in the medical device industry to become a master medical product distributor that provides unique solutions for both medical product manufacturers and medical product distributors.

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