Scalpel Safety

The impact of a sharps injury can be immense - from potential exposure to bloodborne pathogens, to the direct and indirect costs of an incident.

It’s time to introduce safer scalpels that surgeons like to use.

Since the Needlestick Safety and Prevention Act was signed into law in November 2000, there has been a greater awareness and focus on protecting healthcare workers from sharps injuries. While progress has been made, particularly in non-surgical settings, the CDC estimates that approximately 385,000 sharps-related injuries still occur annually in healthcare workers within hospital settings.

While scalpel blade injuries are among the most frequent sharps injuries, second only to needlesticks, adoption of safety scalpels in surgery has significantly lagged behind adoption of other safety devices. Anzen makes compliance with the Needlestick Safety Act effortless. By minimizing unnecessary exposure to the scalpel blade, you can ensure fewer preventable workplace injuries. Anzen creates safer operating rooms with fewer sharps incidents from scalpels.


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