MediPurpose Announces Its Commitment to the Development of Safety Scalpels at ASCA 2016

May 18, 2016

The team looks to develop an innovative solution to meet today’s safety standards at booth 103

Dallas, TX (May 18, 2016) – MediPurpose, the leader in innovative safety solutions for the healthcare market, today announced its commitment to the development of innovative safety scalpels at the Ambulatory Surgery Center Association’s (ASCA) annual conference, ASCA 2016.

ASCA is the national membership association that represents ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). The conference will feature more than 60 educational sessions covering a variety of topics from conflict management to innovative ASC procedures.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, about 385,000 sharps-related injuries occur annually among hospital- based healthcare personnel, which is an average of 1,000 sharps injuries per day. In an effort to combat these astounding figures, the MediPurpose team has pledged its commitment to reducing the amount of sharps injuries in surgical settings by creating a safety scalpel that is comparable to today’s traditional scalpels.

“We’ve worked in the healthcare industry for over 18 years and were noticing a trend that implied that safety scalpels adoption was slow,” said Patrick Yi, Founder and CEO of MediPurpose. “With this in mind, we’ve made a commitment to to develop safety scalpels that appeal to end-users and are readily available.”

MediPurpose hopes to increase the adoption of safety scalpels by developing a scalpel with the same weight and balance as traditional metal handle scalpels, without compromising on safety features, performance, or ease of use.

The team invites attendees to booth 103 for a discussion on sharps safety and safety scalpels. The feedback provided will be used to validate pre-production units of MediPurpose’s new innovative safety scalpel.

Development and user validation of the prototype safety scalpel was completed in April 2016 and the team plans to continue end-user dialogue with industry organizations to sell a safety scalpel that meets the needs of the industry in 2017.

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