The Proof is in the Testing

January 29, 2018

By: Adeline Yi, Anzen™ Product Manager

Bench testing shows Anzen™ is more like a traditional scalpel

[Part 2 in a series on product validation. See Part 1 here.]

National surveys consistently show that surgeons recognize the value of safety scalpels but are resistant to using them—largely because they dislike their unfamiliar feel. Most safety scalpels on the market are made with plastic handles that can’t provide the weight and balance that surgeons need.

In developing the new Anzen™ safety scalpel, MediPurpose worked closely with surgeons and surgical techs to create a safety scalpel that closely resembles a traditional scalpel. Bench testing now confirms that the Anzen™ designers have achieved their goals.

In testing, each Anzen™ blade was precisely measured, weighed, and balanced and then compared both to traditional scalpels and currently available safety scalpels. In each case, the Anzen™ scalpel much more closely matched the length, width, weight, and balance point of a traditional scalpel.


Incorporating a reusable metal handle allows the Anzen™ scalpel to mirror the specs of a traditional scalpel. Providing this standard weight and feel was critical in creating a scalpel that surgeons will be able to use with confidence.

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