Surgeons, Techs and OR Nurses Validate Anzen™ Scalpel Ease of Use

October 16, 2017

By: Adeline Yi, Anzen™ Product Manager

97% rate the scalpel “Easy to use”

The Anzen™ Scalpel was specifically designed for ease of use, in response to the needs expressed by surgeons, surgical techs, and OR nurses for a safety scalpel that’s less cumbersome to operate. In numerous national surveys, surgeons have emphasized the necessity for a blade that can be exposed or concealed with one hand, without looking at the scalpel. Techs and nurses have focused on their need for safe and easy assembly and removal1.  MediPurpose now has 2 years’ worth of data, gathered from simulated use testing while designing and developing its new safety scalpel, showing that Anzen™ is meeting those needs.

A resounding “Yes”

MediPurpose has given surgeons, techs, and nurses an opportunity to test the scalpel over the past two years, to validate whether the device is as easy to use as the manufacturer claims. The answer has been a resounding “Yes.”

“The Anzen™ blade is extremely easy to use in all respects. The profile is well designed and the handling is great. I would use product as-is.” — response from surgeon

From 2015 to 2017 MediPurpose invited users to try out the scalpel on a silicone pad, made specially to simulate the human skin. The company collected responses from 105 surgeons, techs, and nurses from at least 44 different medical institutions—some directly through their institutions, and some at trade shows like ASCA 2016. The responses were consistently positive:

Claim Strongly Agree or Agree
It is easy to learn how to use the Anzen™ device. 96.6%
The handle is easy to insert into the cartridge. 92.2%
The blade can be exposed with just one hand. 93.2%
The blade can be exposed without looking at the scalpel. 88.1%
The blade can be covered with just one hand. 98.3%
The blade can be covered without looking at the scalpel. 89.8%
The cartridge is easily detached from the handle when the blade is fully covered. 97.4%

“I’ve had problems removing traditional blades where the blade actually shot across the room — it was very scary and possibly dangerous! The Anzen™ blade is safe and especially easy to remove.” — response from nurse

Just like a box cutter, the Anzen™ blade can be extended and retracted using one hand, without the need to look at it. Safety features also protect surgical techs and nurses from sharps injuries during blade assembly and removal: The blade can only be exposed when the cartridge is mounted on the scalpel handle, and the blade cannot be removed unless it is retracted into the cartridge.

“The Anzen™ blade is very user-friendly and much safer than a conventional blade. The mechanism is very smooth — I was able to open and close it with one hand.” — response from surgical tech

Having received such encouraging feedback during simulated use, MediPurpose will now begin product evaluations within the OR setting at select hospitals. The company expects that once OR personnel recognize how easy it use to use the Anzen™ scalpel, they will begin incorporating this vital safety device into their operating rooms.

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1 Stoker R. Are Safety Scalpels Making the Cut With Surgeons and Nurses? Outpatient Surgery Magazine 2011.