The Safety Scalpel You’ve Been Waiting For

January 3, 2018

By: Adeline Yi, Anzen™ Product Manager

In developing the new Anzen™ safety scalpel, MediPurpose worked closely with surgeons, surgical techs and OR nurses, inviting their input and incorporating their feedback. To meet their criteria, a safety scalpel would need:

  • The same weight, balance, and sharpness as a traditional non-safety scalpel
  • A shield that does not obstruct line of sight
  • An easy-to-operate blade that can be exposed or concealed without looking at the scalpel
  • A safety mechanism that can be operated single-handedly—with either hand
  • Blade cartridges that are safe and easy to remove


In response, the Anzen™ safety scalpel was designed with the following features:

  • A reusable, stainless steel handle which gives surgeons the weight, balance and feel they are used to
  • A protected blade that is easily exposed and retracted with one hand
  • Slim cartridge for unobstructed view of the incision site
  • The protected blade stays retracted while attaching and detaching the cartridge
  • A cartridge lock prevents blade exposure unless the cartridge is attached to the handle, and another lock prevents cartridge detachment when the blade is exposed
  • The cartridge can only be disposed when the blade is retracted, and the cartridge locks again for disposal
  • Overall ease of use of the device


If you would like to become our sharps safety champion and lead product evaluations of our new AnzenTM Safety Scalpel at your facility, please click here to contact us and/or request samples.